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About FG

    For Glory was founded in 2019 by myself, Jarrod Cook. I have always had a passion to work on video games and be a full part of the development process that brings joy and entertainment to people, the same joy and entertainment that I receive from games. Currently I do all of my own artwork and programming and run a solo team, though I look forward to expanding in the future!

    The idea behind For Glory is not glory for myself, but for God. He gives us such amazing gifts. Most of my life I struggled to focus on my natural talents until recent years. Two things that I truly enjoy is programming and artwork. With those two gifts, For Glory was created as a part of a journey to use my God given talents to bring joy and entertainment to others. So check out my site and follow me on this journey! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to show some support!


The team

As time goes on, For Glory will expand. Until then, the development team consists of just me.
Jarrod Cook

Founder, Developer, Programmer, Artist.


Check out blog posts for info about the development of my game, This Little Light, and more!

This Little Light

Test Run Video
    Hey there, welcome back! I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been working with some different settings in Unity and styles in Photoshop to find the “look and feel” I’m trying to portray for my…
First Splash Screen Image
    Hey, I’m glad your here. I want to share with you today the first mock up of a splash screen for my first game I am developing, This Little Light.     This Little…
You’re who?.. Doing what?..
    Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Depending on how you arrived here you may, or may not know me. So let me introduce myself. I’m Jarrod, currently I am on a life long…

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