You’re who?.. Doing what?..

    Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Depending on how you arrived here you may, or may not know me. So let me introduce myself. I’m Jarrod, currently I am on a life long journey to be an Indie game developer. I spent a little over 6 years serving in the Navy, once my contract was done I started to go to college for software and programming. I have always had a passion for technology/games/art and everything encompassed.

    One day a switch finally flipped and I decided to pursue my passion of video games. I decided to spend the time that I would normally play a game, developing my skills and working towards my actual passion, game development. I draw in Photoshop a lot and practice new skills and techniques which I plan on making tutorials to help others along their journey, as well as develop inside of Unity 2D games engine which I also will create tutorials for.

    I’m really glad you came to check out my blog and I want you to know that I appreciate you! For now I will plan for a weekly update, so make sure to check back in to follow along! Oh and I would greatly appreciate any and all support! Swing by my Facebook page and give it a like and when you see a new video on YouTube come out, give it a like a subscribe!

– Jarrod

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