First Splash Screen Image

    Hey, I’m glad your here. I want to share with you today the first mock up of a splash screen for my first game I am developing, This Little Light.

    This Little Light is a 2D platformer for PC where you play as a candle by the name of Koal. Deep in the woods lives a little girl by the name of Kathrine. Kathrine spends a lot of time playing alone, being so far into the woods with only her father, that she has many imaginary friends. Her best friend though, is her night light, Koal. Every night before bed, Kathrine and Koal go on an adventure until her dad comes to tuck her in.

    On this night, as her father comes to tuck her in, a loud noise is heard outside from their barn. Her father notices a mysterious shadowy figure moving in the back window of the barn and he quickly tucks Katherine in. He tells her to go to sleep, not to worry and grabs Koal off of her night stand for light. As Katherine is left alone and in the dark, her father and Koal head into the barn to investigate the noise and figure he witnessed. Another loud noise is heard after he enters the barn and a flicker of the candle is seen from Katherine’s room.

    Koal wakes up on the ground of the barn and notices he is alone… Kathrine is alone and left scared in her room… Kathrine’s dad is missing but there are belongings laying around, so he was just recently there… Koal must find a way back into the house, to Kathrine and save her by fighting through the darkness and solve the mystery of the disappearance of her father.

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