Test Run Video

    Hey there, welcome back! I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been working with some different settings in Unity and styles in Photoshop to find the “look and feel” I’m trying to portray for my game, This Little Light. So far I think it is looking really good and feels nice. I have a pretty basic character controller for movement right now, a lighting system, parallax background and multiple frame transitions.

    Some to-do’s currently are: Adjust Koal’s height, he seems a little big for the environment, add more code to the character controller for better movement and control, tweak animations so they are more smooth, add attack animation and code, add dust particles to the walk animation.

    At such an early stage I have a crazy long list of to do’s that goes on and on and on, but for right now these are kind of at the fore front and next in line to knock out. I may use the sample splash screen I drew to create a start screen/options screen just so there’s a place holder start to the game.

    Check out the test run video below on my YouTube channel. Please give it a like and subscribe! Show some support in the comments! I appreciate you.


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